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A little bit of inspiration goes a long way when choosing the right lighting and electrical products for your home or business. Whether you’re looking to add a certain shine to your kitchen, bring warmth and comfort to your living room or make your office more comfortable, our blog posts and ideas will help you get it right.

Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

  1. Which Wall Lights Do I Need?

    Which Wall Lights Do I Need?

    Wall lights are a fantastic lighting choice for many rooms in the house. They can act as the primary light source or as an addition...
  2. Vintage Industrial Lighting Ideas

    Vintage Industrial Lighting Ideas

    Pictured: Warwick Brass Industrial Strip Light An industrial decor scheme is a well defined, and on trend style that boasts stripped back architectural detailing, hardwearing...
  3. Changing The Mood of A Room With Colour Temperature

    Changing The Mood of A Room With Colour Temperature

    Picking the right colour temperature is imperative as an interior design or when styling your home as it can have a huge impact on the...
  4. Lighting Trends 2021

    Lighting Trends 2021

    Looking ahead to 2021, whilst we certainly can't predict the future, thanks for that 2020... Something we can be sure of is the emerging new...
  5. Victorian Hallway Lighting

    Victorian Hallway Lighting

    Image: Pinterest Renown for their resplendent grandeur, high ceilings, traditional bannisters and decorative ceilings... Victorian Hallways were designed with grandeur to impress guests on their...
  6. Lighting Ideas for Vaulted Ceiling

    Lighting Ideas for Vaulted Ceiling

    Magnificent, spacious, cathedral style vaulted ceilings are unique and impressive features in a home. Sweeping in with height, light and grandeur they really can take...
  7. A Good Night’s Sleep

    A Good Night’s Sleep

    Getting a good night’s rest can sometimes be more difficult than it should be. We’ve found some of the best ways to wind down in the...

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