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A little bit of inspiration goes a long way when choosing the right lighting and electrical products for your home or business. Whether you’re looking to add a certain shine to your kitchen, bring warmth and comfort to your living room or make your office more comfortable, our blog posts and ideas will help you get it right.

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  1. Get Garden Party Ready

    Get Garden Party Ready

    It's time to get the Champagne on ice and get your garden, garden party ready for a Great British summer ahead! With the lighter evenings...
  2. The History of Parisian Street Lights

    The History of Parisian Street Lights

    We explore the history of the Parisian street lights and how you can add some Parisian style to your own interior with our remodelled lights.
  3. Art Deco vs Arts & Crafts

    Art Deco vs Arts & Crafts

    Image source: Moxon London Art Deco and Arts & Crafts interior styles are both hugely popular trends. Easily forged and mistaken for being one or...
  4. Best Patio Lighting Ideas

    Best Patio Lighting Ideas

    Pictured: Carlisle Nickel IP66 Web Prismatic Glass Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light As we're all preparing for what will hopefully be a great British summer...
  5. Vintage Living Room Decor Ideas

    Vintage Living Room Decor Ideas

    A vintage decor style is characterised by using items from the past to create a warm, and nostalgic look. Think antique furniture. Heavy use of...
  6. Choosing The Right Colours For Your Home

    Choosing The Right Colours For Your Home

    Whether you're in the renovation stages of your house or looking to give it a little refresh, colour is something that you need to nail...
  7. Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    Pictured:Hopkin Lacquered Brass IP66 Prismatic Glass Light - The Outdoor & Bathroom Collection With lockdown restrictions easing, and the promise of beautiful weather on the...
  8. Contemporary Vs Modern Decor

    Contemporary Vs Modern Decor

    If you're not permanently involved in the design world, it can be difficult to distinguish the differences between both modern and contemporary decor design. Both...
  9. Using Downlights In Interior Design

    Using Downlights In Interior Design

    When it comes to lighting an interior, there are many different ways to create atmosphere. Lighting is such an important factor in interior design that...

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