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A little bit of inspiration goes a long way when choosing the right lighting and electrical products for your home or business. Whether you’re looking to add a certain shine to your kitchen, bring warmth and comfort to your living room or make your office more comfortable, our blog posts and ideas will help you get it right.

February 2022

  1. Farmhouse Interior Design

    Farmhouse Interior Design

    Image source: Pinterest Farmhouse interior design has grown in popularity over the last few years. The best bit? You don't just need to have the...
  2. DIY Rustic Bedroom Decor

    DIY Rustic Bedroom Decor

    Rustic design is a popular interior design choice, adding warmth and rustic character to a space. Whilst it can sometimes be mistaken for 'shabby chic...
  3. Considerations To Make When Buying Sockets & Switches

    Considerations To Make When Buying Sockets & Switches

    Sockets and switches are often described as the ‘jewellery’ of an interior; however we see them as more than that.  Sockets and switches are one...
  4. Scandinavian Interior Style

    Scandinavian Interior Style

    Image source: Pinterest The rise of 'Hygge' has prompted a resurgence and love for Scandinavian Interior Style in the UK. This minimal, no nonsense trend...

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