Picking the right colour temperature is imperative as an interior design or when styling your home as it can have a huge impact on the overall room. It can change how the colour scheme in the room looks, shift the mood of the room and it can highlight certain design elements.

Bur, how well do you really know the colour temperature of your bulbs? What would you say if you knew a specific colour temperature could brighten your mood?

If you're shaking and nodding your head to the above, then you're not alone! Colour temperature has the ability to change the mood of a person, whether it creates a subtle or dramatic difference.

We explore how to change the mood of a room with colour temperature. Helping you to enhance your home, welcome your guests and notice when a glum mood might have more to do with the lights you are using...

Creating A Warming, Cosy Atmosphere

A cosy, warming and welcoming environment ignites feelings of happiness, comfort and relaxation. There's no surprise that this ambience is perfect for most rooms in your house.

The colour temperature you are looking for to recreate this is a warm white - this ranges between 2000K to 3000K. Colours on the warm side evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Whether it's a living room or a hallway, this colour temperature is a welcoming ambience that will keep your rooms well lit, and your guests happy.

As you can see below, a warm glow using a 3000K bulb creates an inviting, homely and comforting space.

Pictured: Cambridge Rose Gold Metal Mesh Pendant Light

Creating A Bright & Vibrant Atmosphere

Colours on the cool side of the spectrum can be described a calming and mysterious. Yet they can also be described as evoking feelings of sadness and gloom. But it's not all bad!

Creating a bright and vibrant atmosphere definitely isn't one for every room. But for spaces such as the bathroom, for task lighting and working environments, cool white lighting is highly desirable. Cool, white lighting has also been shown to increase productivity. So if you're currently working from home, now might be the time to up your lighting game!

Cool white lighting will brighten and add vibrancy to a room. To achieve this you want to look for a colour temperature between 3100K and 4500K.

In contrast to the above image, you can see how different a daylight bulb of 4500k looks in situ. It slightly loses that warming feel as the light is cooler and brighter.

Creating A Crisp & Invigorating Atmosphere

Sticking on the cooler side of the spectrum, daylight lights between 4600-6500k will help to create a crisp, cold and invigorating atmosphere.

Definitely not one you want to recreate inside your home, but this colour temperature does serve a purpose. It is well suited to display areas, security lighting, garages and task lighting.

Now that you know the perfect colour temperature to bathe your home in, take a look at our range of LED bulbs to help you create the look and mood that you desire.