Green is in! Because so many interiors are donning this colour in 2019. Today we’re going to be sharing some of the top trending shades of green and how to incorporate them into your home.

Firstly the task of picking a colour to paint that drab wall in the living room can be a daunting task. Secondly, once you’ve chosen a colour it can be equally overwhelming to pick a shade, what with the abundance of shades out there today. So how can you choose the right shade of green for your home?

Well we’ve found 5 of the favorites that you can add to your home this year to make it a little greener.

1. Add a Shade of Sophistication with Sage Green


Sage green is a wonderfully deep and succulent colour that will add richness to your home. With earthy undertones that give you the feeling of being in nature. Furthermore this colour is great for urban homes. Especially if you're looking to inject some feeling of the wild back into the concrete jungle. On the other hand, Sage green is also great for rural homes. Have some Sage green walls with help blur the boundaries between garden and home. So time to bring a little of the countryside inside! Sage green is also perfect for large statement walls. In addition this colour will instantly give your spaces a sense of calm. And with both warm and cool tones this colour is a great all rounder. Adding warmness to the home in the winter and fresh forest coolness in the summer.

2. Freshen up with Mint Green

Link: Ganton Vintage Cage Pendant Light Chalk Mint Green - Soho Lighting

Mint green has always been a great colour for interiors. Fresh and fun, with it’s soft chalky finish. Furthermore this colour is great for lifting up dark and drab interiors. Add this colour into your home with stylish finishes like silk pillows, some elegant vases or a few well paced pendant lights.

On the other hand go big with a statement wall painted in this colour to really impress.

3. Farrow & Ball Sap Green - ‘Colours by Nature’


Did you know that Farrow & Ball have recently collaborated with the Natural History Museum to create a range of beautiful colours all inspired by nature?

‘Colours by Nature’ boasts 16 new, lively colours all colour matched directly from naturally occurring sources. Sap Green is one of the four shades of green stirred up from the wild and into a Farrow & Ball paint pot.

Inspired by butterflies and the leaves of woody Night Shade this colour is described by Farrow & Ball as being “a true earthy green” great when “used in smaller spaces, such as a hallway or porch”. So what are you waiting for? Time to get painting with all the organic shades of greens in nature!

4. Farrow & Ball, Emerald Green- ‘Colours by Nature’


Another one of the new Farrow & Ball ‘Colours by Nature’ is their vibrant Emerald green. Just as sumptuous and decadent as the name suggests, this colour has all the depth and lustre of the jewel by which it’s named. Described by Farrow & Ball as being a “bright, uncomplicated green’.

This mineral inspired hue will add a sophistication to your home that’s as beautiful and timeless as nature. So make sure to delve deep this year by adding some emerald to your home.

5. Green Thumb with Plants


Keeping on theme with “Colour by Nature’ how about adding in some green to your home with some greens by Mother nature herself? Therefore, adding in a few plants here and there can really brighten the mood of any room. Full of life that will spread to your interiors plants will also help keep the air in your home fresh and new.

Furthermore with the environmental emphasis on being green becoming increasingly more important. Adding some plants to the home will go a long way in helping keep our planet the clean. And a healthy place we all call home.

In conclusion, green is the colour to pick for 2019 and 2020. So with it narrowed down to a few choice hues, hopefully now you can go forth and get planting some choice greens to your own home! So let's spruce up your spaces and bring your homes to life with an abundance of beautiful shades of greens!

Therefore, whether it’s a rich emerald, a succulent sap, a fresh mint, a sophisticated sage or even a real plant or two, make sure you go green this year. Shades of green all round!