About Us

The SOHO Lighting Story

About Soho LightingWe believe that lighting holds the power to ignite a beautifully designed space.

Our obsession with beautiful lighting and accessories stems from years of interior design and period renovation projects. The challenging quest to source lighting products with a perfect blend of authenticity, quality and finish led to the design and creation of our own innovative lighting products and ultimately the birth of The Soho Lighting Company in 2017.

Elegant, timeless, and versatile - our lights and accessories are traditional in design and yet perfectly honed for your modern living needs. We use ultra-efficient LED bulbs that replicate the original design of incandescent bulbs, with no need to compromise looks for efficiency whilst also being kind to the planet.

Our elegant switches and sockets are hand-crafted in a range of finishes to work seamlessly with, or without, home automation technology, and our unique design ensures there are no unsightly screws in either your switches or your sockets!

Our collection of stunning lights reflect various period and vintage styles to suit your preferences. We design our lights with your needs in mind, and are delighted to personalise where we can to reflect your own design taste and style.

We meticulously and ethically source high quality materials from around the world then hand craft, hand finish, package and dispatch these artisan products to you from our UK studio.

Gorgeous lights and accessories are the lifeblood of our business, and understanding light, how it illuminates, falls and changes the mood of your interior, lies at the heart of what we do.

Our aim is to create exquisite lighting and accessories that are made to the highest safety standards and are both environmentally and ethically responsible. Be assured of our ILA accreditation and our commitment to drive out all plastics from our packaging.

We are passionate about inspirationally lit spaces and would be honoured to be part of your design journey and creation.