Brushed Brass & White

Traditional White Inserts

The Savoy Collection is a popular choice for period styled and statement properties and the warm brass tones and subtle ageing lend an instant timelessness and elegant authenticity to any project. They also blend seamlessly with brick and natural stone.
We offer a bespoke engraving service on our sockets and switches. Find out more here.

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  1. Soho Lighting Brushed Brass 2 Way and Offï¾ ï¾ Retractive Toggle Grid Module  Screwless
  2. Soho Lighting Brushed Brass 2 Way and Off Toggle Grid Module  Screwless
  3. Soho Lighting Silk White Dual USB A+C Charger Euromodule 3.6A 50mmx 50mm
  4. Soho Lighting Silk White Dual Fast Charge USB A+C Charger Euromodule 45W Max 50mmx 50mm
  5. White TV Outlet FE
    White TV Outlet (FE) EM-Euro Module
  6. White F Connector
    White F Connector (Screened) EM-Euro Module
  7. White TV/SAT
    White TV/SAT EM-Euro Module
  8. White SAT1/SAT2/TV/Radio
    White SAT1/SAT2/TV/Radio EM-Euro Module
  9. White Terminal F Connector
    White Terminal F Connector EM-Euro Module
  10. White BT Master
    White BT Master EM-Euro Module
  11. White BT Slave
    White BT Slave EM-Euro Module
  12. White RJ45 CAT5e
    White RJ45 CAT5e EM-Euro Module
  13. White RJ45 CAT6
    White RJ45 CAT6 EM-Euro Module
  14. White Blank Plate for Module
    White Blank Plate 25*50MM EM-Euro Module
  15. Soho Lighting White USB Charger A & C EM-Euro Module
  16. White USB Mounted Socket
    White USB Mounted Socket EM-Euro Module
  17. White HDMI Mounted Socket
    White HDMI Mounted Socket EM-Euro Module
  18. Soho Euro Module Euro USB Charger 2 Gang
    White USB Charger 2 Gang EM-Euro Module
  19. Soho Euro Module 13A UK Normal Pin
    White 13A UK Normal Pin EM-Euro Module
  20. Soho Euro Module 5A UK Round Pin
    White 5A UK Round Pin EM-Euro Module
  21. Soho Euro Module 13A UK Normal Pin
  22. Soho Euro Module Brushed 25x50MM
    White Brush M1 25x50MM EM-Euro Module
  23. Soho Euro Module Brushed 50x50MM
    White Brush M2 50x50MM EM-Euro Module
  24. Soho Euro Module Brushed 50x100MM
    White Brush M4 50x100MM EM-Euro Module
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Items 181-204 of 204


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