Soho Lighting Brushed Brass 20A Double Pole LT3-Toggle Switch Module

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Orders Placed by 2pm Dispatched Same Working Day

This attractive 20A double pole toggle switch can be used to safely isolate an appliance from both the live and neutral terminals simultaneously. This module can be used to build an attractive bank of isolation switches for a kitchen or utility. The plate can then be engraved, under each switch, with the name of the relevant appliance that the switch controls to create a feature in the room. This LT3-Toggle Switch Module is compatible with LT3 Standard Toggle Switch Plates from the Soho Lighting switch and socket range. This allows you to combine 2 way, intermediate, DP and retractive toggle switches on standard 1-4 gang toggle plates. This LT3 toggle module is not compatible with RM, CM, (RM+CM), EM, LT1 or LT2 Plates.

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