A new year always brings with it another set of home decor trends. With more time than ever spent at home, 2021 is no exception.

We've already seen the emergent trend Regencycore, thanks to Bridgerton. With cottagecore becoming a go to, which could nod towards what our homes have really needed in the last 12 months.

If you don't know your Japani from your Memphis design, don't panic. Grab yourself a drink, make yourself comfy on your sofa and keep on reading. We've delved into the different decor styles so you don't have to!


Inspired by Netflix show Bridgerton, Regencycore is characterised by historical glamour, careful colour co-ordination and regal patterns. However, it was once an interior trend that was only on the radar of the upper class.

Whilst we can't all turn our homes into Georgian mansions with high ceilings and exquisite interior details, we can all get the look with interior furnishings and decor.

Think showstopping chandeliers, candelabra, ornate mirrors and luxurious velvet. When it comes to the 1800s it's all about recreating that opulence and glamour that was so widely seen in stately homes.

Memphis Design

Madly vibrant colours are at the heart of Memphis Design. It was a collective of young Milan-based designers who were led by the celebrated Austrian-born Italian architect Ettore Sottsass. Debuting in 1981, Memphis would have a huge cultural impact on the first half of the 1980s design scene and beyond.

This outlandish design is quirky, fun and colourful. You can easily incorporate a slice of this popular decor style into your home by way of home furnishings and paint. Think abstract designs and bright pops of colour, more is more!


Cottagecore is all about welcoming the outdoors into our homes. It is an aesthetic inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life.

It embraces a simpler, slower life and harmony with nature. It's no surprise it's become a hot decor style in the last year.

Warm and non-judgemental, this is a whimsical and nostalgic trend with nods towards eco-friendly and sustainable elements.

Think muted tones, natural fabrics, dried herbs, meadow flowers and home sewn cross stitched wall hangings. Indeed, it's the granny chic trend for Millennials!

Image source: The Sorry Girls


There continues to be a strong Japanese element running through interiors. Japani is a gorgeous fusion of Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity. It was a decor style that was thrusted into the spotlight during 2020.

The blend of these loved interior styles results in creating a sanctuary, with uncluttered spaces, clean lines and soft hues.

Image source: Pinterest


Inspired by warehouses and loft spaces, industrial style is highlighted by brickwork, high ceilings and functional furniture.

With attractive accents and bold materials, industrial interiors seem to break the rules of convention and get away with it effortlessly.

Industrial interiors are often visualised as being very dark, but you can still experiment with pops of colour through abstract design in prints and wall hangings.

Shabby Chic

'Shabby chic' was born in the 1980's, a style of interior design where furniture and furnishings are selected for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear for that authentic, vintage feel. It remains a popular choice of design, lending a French, rustic charm to any setting.

Shabby Chic is characterised by gorgeous French furniture and lighting. It's still possible for those of us who haven't inherited original pieces though. We can all get the look with beautiful, reworked furniture for a rustic, Parisian look.

Boho or Bohemian

Edgy and unpredictable, Bohemian is not necessarily a classic or timeless trend, but nevertheless it still remains one of the most popular home decor styles. 2021 looks to encapsulate this trend with nods towards eco-friendly and sustainable design.

Bohemian homes may include a mixture of globally inspired textiles, different textures, vintage furniture and light fixtures.

Conventional seating might be replaced by a cosy nook on the floor, with plenty of cushions and textures.

Image source: Pinterest

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