With Father’s Day just around the corner

we’ve come up with some great ways to spend the day!


First Things First... FOOD!

Treating your dad to a delicious meal is a wonderful way to show you care

while spending time together. Here are some of our Father’s Day food favorites:


  1. Best Breakfast

A decadent breakfast is a great way to surprise your father this Father’s Day.

Dine out with a traditional full English breakfast or cook one at home with an

extravagant breakfast in bed. Pancakes and pastries won’t go a miss either.


  1. Pub Lunch

Taking the time to get a cold drink and a hot lunch at your father’s favorite pub

is a grand way to catch up and share more than just a few fries.


  1. Eat in or Dine out

Ending the day with a meal together is the perfect way to show your dad how much you

appreciate him. Be it catching up in comfort with a film and some take out pizza or

going all out with a sumptuous dinner at your father’s favorite restaurant he’s sure to

feel loved.




Finding the perfect gift for your dad can be tricky

so we’re here to share a few of our favorite gift ideas:


  1. Music

Sharing music is a wonderful way to connect and bond over what you love.

Spend some time finding some choice tunes that you and your father can

rock out or relax to together this Father’s Day.


  1. Chocolate

Chocolate? We can’t leave out this classic. When it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas

chocolate is a great go to, be it dark chocolate, milk chocolate or a box of indulgent truffles

perfect for sharing you can’t go wrong with this gift.


  1. Home

Want to give your Father something truly decadent that can be enjoyed not just

on Father’s Day? Go big with the lasting designs at Soho Lighting.

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  1. Experience an exhibition

Take in some culture together by finding out about the local exhibitions on near you.

Be it history, art, science, film, sport or music; find something fun and exciting for you

and your father to experience, learn something new and enjoy together.


  1. Fun and Games

Bring the whole family together with some fun and games! Be it a card game,

board game or a ball game, whatever game you choose to entertain this is the perfect way

to make meaningful memories with the ones you love.


  1. Walk on the wild side

Adventure is waiting just outside the door! Take the day to make the most of summer

and reconnect with nature. Go on a family hike, wander down to the beach to take in

the sea views, or stroll along to your favourite park, whatever you choose, being

outdoors is a bright way to unwind as a family.