victorian house lighting ideas

The Victorian period spanned for almost 70 years. It was an era characterised by a class based society, with interiors boasting wealth, high ceilings, grand lighting and architectural parameters such as decorative ceiling roses and cornices.

Often the architectural parameters of Victorian houses today are a sign of what was considered a 'wealthy' home back in the Victorian era. Having a small amount of frontage rather than just stepping straight out onto the pavement was a sign of wealth, and often lived in by a higher skilled, and better paying job. High ceilings were another sign of wealth, giving the illusion of gravitas and presence.

Whilst Victorian homes of today are likely to still hold some of the architectural history, luckily we no longer rely on gaslighting and candles. Whether you are looking to restore the beauty of a Victorian pad, or just want to use the interior style throughout, it's time to explore some Victorian lighting ideas which will add grandeur, and presence to your home.

What Was Victorian Lighting Like?

The Victoria era spanned between 1837-1901. Electricity was very expensive, so most Victorian homes were lit by candles, gas lighting and oil lamps. Victorian lighting fixtures included grand chandeliers and wall sconces.

Victorian House Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Frith Nickel Opaque Pendant Light

Victorian hallways don't lack on height. They demand a long drop pendant light to adequately illuminate the space, whilst also creating gravitas and presence. The Frith Nickel Opaque Pendant Light benefits from a long drop. Its perfectly formed shape helps to divert your attention upwards, great for highlighting high ceilings, and authentic Victorian ceiling roses.

nickel schoolhouse pendant light

Glasshouse Polished Brass Clear Pendant Light

The Glasshouse pendant light is a true showstopper. It features quality thick glass throughout with a solid brass chain and cap for a luxurious, and grand finish. No one did it like the Victorians, and grand lighting that demanded attention was no different. This pendant light looks exquisite as a hallway light, or hung as a row of three over a kitchen island, or dining table.

victorian lighting ideas

Hollen Polished Brass Brimmed Dome Pendant Light 

Modelled on the early 1900’s Industrial ‘Brimmed Dome’ Holophane Pendant, our Hollen brimmed dome pendant oozes sophistication and charm. This gorgeous light would make the perfect addition to a Victorian interior.

Victorian lighting ideas

The Dean Pendant Light Lacquered Aged Brass

Modelled on the 1920s vintage design with neoclassical elements, the majestic Dean pendant in lacquered aged brass has presence and adds timeless style to any interior. Whilst this period style of light transitions into the Art Deco era, there are still elements to this light that would have been welcomed in the Victorian era from the solid brass cap and chain, to the textured crystal glass base.

LED Vintage Candle Bulbs

Grand chandeliers formed a huge part of Victorian lighting, renown for their grandeur, and elegance. If you are looking to achieve seamless Victorian authenticity throughout a Victorian home, then a chandelier will help to tie the decor design together.

Chandeliers were also incredibly easy to light by candle light during the Victorian era. But you can still get the same look by using LED vintage candle bulbs in the fitting, they bring many energy saving benefits too!

candle LED bulbs

Victorian lighting has travelled a long way since Queen Victoria's reign, but one thing hasn't changed. A sheer focus on grandeur, and beautiful lighting that maximises and enhances rooms with high ceilings, and a lack of natural light. Take a look at our Schoolhouse Collection for more Victorian, grand lighting inspiration.