Autumn is here and everyone is looking to spice things up and bring some change to their living space this season ready for the design trends of 2020! But this time we are not looking at what we can add to our homes but instead what can go. So today we are sharing the top 10 design trends the experts are predicting are on their way out next year. 

1. Word Art 

In recent years word art has taken over.  From punchy one word type to uplifting inspirational quotes, social media has been scattered with photos of interiors donning this trend. However it seems typography art is taking a bit of a rest and is a trend to avoid. Time to tone back on typos! 

2. Busy and Bold Graphic Wallpapers


Statement walls have always been a design staple, but in 2020 they’re not sticking around. Overbearing bold graphics have had their time but now they’re just a bit much. And especially walls with big bold shapes and overly bight colours. So if you are looking for a statement wall in your interiors it’s time to tone it down a notch. 

3. Too Much Grey and White

Greys and whites are wonderfully calming colours that can really open up your interiors to create more light and space in the home. However in recent years we’ve slowly been putting more and more into our home and we all know what they say about ‘too much of a good thing’. 

Link: Regent Vintage Pendant Light French Grey

So in 2020 try straying away from white and grey on the walls and opt instead for a warmer and darker neutral colour palette. And when adding grey into interiors try going for smaller accents such as lighting or sofa cuchions.

4. Extreme Minimalism

Minimalism, you either love it or you hate it but either way 2020 is sating goodbye to the most extreme side of this trend. Minimalism will always have it’s place as a calming and uncluttered design classic. But the design trends of 2020 are saying to dress it up just a bit for a more lived in feel. No more sterile and cold interiors in 2020 thank you.

5. Out Grown Potted Plants

Now with the current state of the environment, plants in the home are always a good idea, however there is a limit. In 2019 we saw jungle rooms reach the height of the design trend. But 2020 is the time cut back, especially with fake plants. A few plants dotted about the home will give your rooms a fresh and lived in touch. But too many and it’s overwhelming and dusty, fake, plastic plants it’s time for you to go. 

6. Over Using Copper

Copper is a wonderful metal that has a warmth and personality to it that’s almost nostalgic. However, again, like with all good things we can have too much. Kitchens especially in 2019 saw copper pots, tap and utensils everywhere. 2020 is saying pick your favourites and downsize on copper everywhere else.

7. White Kitchen Countertops

Another trend on the way out in the kitchens is the white countertop. Once very popular because of it’s clean, minimal and modern finish, it is now over the edge of being overused.  Even worse it’s always been the colour countertop hardest to hide all those cooking smudges! Time to say goodbye.

8. Mid-Century Furniture Everywhere


Mid- century has a habit of coming and going when in comes to design trends and 2020 seems to be a year it’s going. A few pieces here and there are ok but apparently 2020 is taking a miss on the full mid-century look. Something new and fresh in what's in order for the design trends of 2020. 

9. No to Boho

The Boho look has always toed the line in the design world. Edgy and unpredictable and a bit unsophisticated it’s design without rules. But unfortunately or not it’s not here to stay. At least no the over commercialised version of it at any rate. So if you are a fan of Boho design its time to dig deep and go back to its roots, but don’t expect it to be big in next year.

10. Gallery Walls

Royal academy summer exhibition style walls have being creeping into the home more and more in recent years. And they have been much enjoyed in the design world. But this trend is loosing traction fast now in favour of a more paired back look. A look that brings focus to just a few statement pieces of art or photos. So maybe its time to pack away a few painting and opt for a rotation method in order to see all your beautiful pictures in 2020. 

Now all this advice is great for staying on trend but remember design is also about making living spaces that are right and personal to you. So if you see a trend you love going out of style remember if it makes you happy then that’s good design right there. Bit if you are feeling a need for a bit of change in your interiors, hopefully this will make decision making of what goes and what stays a little bit easier!