Mixing metals in your home can be a unique way to combine your favourite blends of metals whilst creating something your interiors can really shout about.

This is a design choice you have to take seriously, as mixing the metals incorrectly can detract from other areas of your interiors and appear to be more of an eyesore, than a seamless blend.

However, don't let that put you off. With careful planning and precision, mixing metals can create an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. We explore how to carefully and effectively execute the mixing of metals throughout your home.

Mixing Metals In The Kitchen

Long gone are the days where you have to meticulously stick to one metal finish in a kitchen, such as chrome. In a kitchen you will typically have one dominant finish that might be seen throughout features such as taps, light fittings and even your appliances. More times than not, you might love a couple of different metals, but wondered how they could possibly work together in harmony.

Firstly, you will usually have one dominant, base metal finish. You can then introduce up to two more metal finishes if necessary. The second metal could be introduced through subtle accents such as interior hardware features such as door handles, door knobs and sockets and switches.

With our Fusion range of sockets and switches, it has never been so simple to combine two different metal finishes. The unique blend of finishes combines white and polished chrome, black nickel & chrome, brushed chrome and brass and bronze and brushed brass. These sockets and switches look fabulous in a kitchen space, you can then choose to introduce just the one or both into your kitchen area for a seamless finish.

Mixing Metals In The Dining Room

The dining rooms offers so many possibilities for mixing metals in a subtle way. Keeping it subtle ensures that neither metal is competing for attention.

You can introduce subtle accents when dressing the tables with centrepieces, candelabra and cutlery. Whilst you might want to introduce some larger pieces for added character such as a decorative mirror or console table.

You can then tie the room together in harmony with our Fusion sockets and switches dotted around the room.

Mixing Metals In The Living Room

You might consider introducing one large item into a living room featuring one metal such as a light fitting and then incorporating the other metal a couple of times into accent pieces.

Or you could mix and match, peppering the metals throughout the room. Sometimes it is worth taking the risk, as it can often result in an interesting and timeless look.

When it comes to interior hardware such as door knobs, sockets and switches it is best to keep it cohesive with your selections as this will finish the room off, tying it together perfectly.

Mixing Metals In The Bathroom

Like most rooms in the home, mixing metals used to be an interior design faux pas. Chrome and nickel used to be the most dominant metals in a bathroom. But with the rise in popularity of other metals such as gold/brass and copper, combining different metals does in fact add depth and visual interest to a bathroom.

It is advisable to mix cooler with warmer metals. You'll want to feature each metal at least twice in the space. For example, you might choose to opt for traditional chrome for the shower head, bath and sink taps whilst using brass on the light fittings, towel holder and toilet roll holder.

There is so many opportunities to introduce the metals in a subtle way. Don't forget the shaver socket too! You could opt for a blend of the two metals with our Fusion range, or just one of the metals for this socket.

Mixing metals in your home can provide an exciting and aesthetically pleasing treat when executed correctly. Try to stick to 2-3 metals and let a dominant metal take the lead. Subtle introductions of each metal is advisable. But peppering the metals throughout the rooms can create a visually exciting and unique interior.

Take a look at our Fusion range of sockets and switches that will help blend your favourite metals into your home seamlessly.