Lighting Trends: What's hot in 2024

Which lighting designs and innovations are set to shine this year? What trends will we see over the next twelve months? Here we take a look at some of the key trends predicted to dominate in 2024…

Sustainable Style

An integral part of everything we do at Soho Lighting, striving to be as environmentally conscious as possible, from circular design, to packaging, through to sustainably focused projects and our journey to B Corp accreditation; sustainable style is not a passing trend for us, but a passion centered at the heart of all we do. We are adding to our award-winning Linen Collection, re-inventing solar lighting later in the spring and have an exciting grand plan to engage our youngsters in sustainable thinking, design and creation. All to be revealed and please follow us on Instagram to share in our journey.  

Linen Collection: Soft White Draped Pendant

Nature Inspired 

Post Pandemic, there is still a desire to be closer to nature and that is reflected in interiors and lighting. Nature-inspired designs like our Organic Fleur Pendant, celebrate the beauty of nature and its restorative and calming qualities. Organic shapes and natural materials take centre stage, offering a softer aesthetic to interior spaces.  

Glass Library Collection: Organic Fleur Glass Pendant


Encompassing orbs, spheres and globes, these designs have a more organic, softer and ethereal quality.  Rounded lighting fixtures deliver a soft and diffused light, helping to create a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere. The spherical shape is often associated with a sense of harmony, balance, and elegance and in lighting looks sensational in both period and contemporary settings. Their versatile nature and soft diffusion of light allows them to blend seamlessly in any space without clashing with other elements within the room. 

The Hollen Globe

Human-centric Lighting 

Health and wellbeing is always in the spotlight at the start of a new year, however the desire to look after our mental health is now much more a part of our everyday lives. The importance of a good night’s sleep for our mental wellbeing has been proven and the trend for human-centric lighting takes this a step further. Human-centric lighting mimics the clarity of natural daylight and its rhythmical changes in colour and brightness to help regulate our natural sleep-wake cycle. By choosing a dimmable bulb in a warm white colour temperature (2,700 – 3,000k) or a colour-changing LED bulb, your space can be lit with a positive, more organic light as opposed to the subdued yellows or harsh blues that can disrupt the body’s natural rhythms. Our pioneering high Colour Render Index (CRI) bulbs mimic the clarity natural daylight, which has been scientifically proven to increase mental well-being, reduce stress and help regulate the natural sleep-wake cycle; transforming negative harsh lighting environments into more human-centric spaces.   

Traditional & Vintage LED Light Bulbs

Architectural Lighting 

Many of our projects focus on period properties where being sympathetic to the architecture is key. Paying careful attention to the structural features and accentuating the original framework of a property draws attention to the personality and essence of a period building. Using lighting to enhance these beautiful aesthetics creates a captivating atmosphere and is a huge trend for this year.  

The Claridge Wall Light at Langdon Court

Quiet Luxury

This is a trend we love. Still going strong in 2024, its emphasis is on understated elegance, timeless appeal and high-quality materials. Lighting that does not ‘shout’ but allows its quality to speak for itself, softly enhancing our interiors (and exteriors) whilst being as environmentally low impact as possible.  

The Glass Library Collection

Smart Solutions 

After three years in development, we were thrilled to introduce our first dimming toggle which melds the functional aspect of a dimmer with the elegance of a toggle using award-winning Enkin technology. Our dimmer toggles are revolutionising the way we light our homes. Their multi-locational capability means you can separately dim from any number of toggles in the same room, allowing you to change the atmosphere, vitality and ambiance of a space at the flick of a switch. Home automation dimming toggles have been around for a while, however, with our newly designed technology, those of us without home automation can also dim in style. Perhaps most importantly all our dimmers have been re-engineered so they don't buzz, dim or fail - at last reliable dimmers are here! 

Dimming Toggle in Matt Black

Statement lighting 

From architectural chandeliers to industrial-inspired showstoppers, statement lighting is all about creating a dramatic focal point and being bold in your choice of lighting. The Warwick Industrial Strip Pendant is the perfect example: with its eye-catching and trend-forward design, it is both bold and stylish. 

The Statement Collection: Warwick Brass Industrial Strip Pendant
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