Paint colours to complement your switches and sockets

Our sockets and switches are beautifully designed, meticulously engineered and available in an array of classic and contemporary finishes, from brasses, nickels and coppers through to matt black and white metal. To guide you through the wealth of choice, we garner expert advice on pairing the perfect paint colour to complement each of our finishes.  

With a sharp focus on our environmental responsibilities, who better to quiz on ‘all things paint’ than Emma Perry, Colour Consultant at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint.  

The highly regarded plant-based paint company was created by heritage interior designer Edward Bulmer, his mission: “To produce high quality paints that look beautiful, protect buildings and avoid polluting our environment.” They have been leading a natural paint revolution, creating pioneering plant-based paints that are in demand by renovators and interior designers across the globe, looking for responsible, chemical free materials for the home.  

We were delighted with Emma’s advice as to the shades and hues that, in her expert opinion, best complement each finish. 

The Savoy Collection - Brushed Brass  

The refined Savoy Collection of brushed brass sockets and switches enrich a space with warm, golden brass tones. Paired with a choice of black or white inserts, this versatile collection creates impact in any interior setting.

Emma suggests: “With this, I would go muted and elegant, something like Drab Green; paired together they look really smart and contemporary at the same time.” 

The Finsbury Collection - Polished Chrome  

The Finsbury Collection of polished chrome sockets and switches will bounce light throughout your interior, with its reflective, silvered finish. 

Emma suggests: “I think you could go with either a neutral or stronger approach to complementing this light finish. If I was going neutral, I’d select something warm like Quaker, with no huge contrast, or to create more drama you could look towards Azurite or Vert de Mer, both warm colours which allow the switch to take centre stage and stand out.” 

The Lombard Collection – Brushed Chrome 

The Lombard Collection of brushed chrome sockets and switches offers a subtle silvered finish with a durable texture that has the added practical benefit of hiding fingerprints and small blemishes. It is a slightly warmer, less reflective alternative to Polished Chrome. 

Emma suggests: “I think, again, you could adopt a more neutral Quaker or Paris Grey or, for a stronger contrast, think Vert de Mer or Azurite and make the switch pop.” 

The Eldon Collection - White Metal  

The Eldon Collection is a popular choice for modern styled homes and works seamlessly in white kitchens and neutral interiors. For those who prefer a contemporary aesthetic, this minimalist flat plate design is the ideal choice.  

Emma suggests: “As it is so white, unless you are going for a seamless blend with the wall colour, I would go with a deep colour like Aquatic.” 

The Belgravia Collection – Old Brass 

Our Belgravia Collection of plates have been meticulously matched to original pieces of Georgian brass work, such as door handles and cabinetry details, giving a faithful representation of oxidised, unpolished, timeworn brass, with a rich honey matt patina.

Emma suggests: “This is beautiful and quite regal, so I would be looking more towards our rich colours. Etruscan Brown, which is a majestic sitting room colour; Pompadour or Tyrian – all strong colours, but I think that this finish can take it.” 

The Chiswick Collection – Antique Copper 

The exquisite copper plates of the Chiswick Collection are hand finished and individually aged to perfection, giving each plate a naturally warm and classic appeal. 

Emma suggests: “ With a finish like this, I would lean into the depth and go with a darker shade like Tea Green or Brunswick Green Deep. This will minimise the contrast between your fixture and the paint on the walls – enabling you to lean into the darkness.” 

The Westminster Collection – Vintage Brass 

Our Westminster Collection of plates have been carefully matched to original Georgian and Victorian brass works such as door handles and cabinetry details, giving a faithful representation of heavily oxidised, un-polished, timeworn brass, with a rich dark matt patina.

Emma suggests: “Staying with the warm tones, I would be looking towards a darker hue, such as our new colour, Saxony. If you prefer something a little lighter, I would stay strong and opt for a vibrant colour like Turquoise.” 

The Eton Collection - Bronze 

The sumptuously rich, dark qualities of this matt bronze finish is undeniably classic and looks resplendent in period style interiors. The subtle sheen of the switch toggle and rockers authentically replicates years of use, offered in a choice of two accent detail pairings: subtle antiqued bronzed or brushed brass. 

Emma suggests: “I see a bit of green in this finish. I wouldn’t try to match it but stick with a green shade such as Eau de Nile, which is a beautiful organic green. The combination looks sensational!” 

The Camden Collection – Matt Black 

The commanding appearance and flawless softened matt finish of this range strikes a masculine tone and is a popular choice for contemporary homes. Available with matt black or brushed brass toggles and dimmer detailing to perfectly complement your interior. 

Emma suggests: “This is a great contemporary finish and, as it is richly dark, I would look towards a lighter, warmer shade like Jonquil. It has a hint of yellow pigment and, depending on the light within your room, you could go with 60, 40, 20% of Jonquil. The lighter the room the fuller strength of Jonquil it can hold.

The Charterhouse Collection – Antique Brass 

The Charterhouse collection of lacquered antique brass sockets and switches offers a timeless appearance, providing a warm tone which naturally conceals fingerprints and small blemishes and is our most popular collection finish. 

Emma suggests: “This antique brass finish would look stunning against Invisible Green, or if you are looking for something more neutral and softer, Fawn would provide a beautiful complement” 

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