Polished Chrome & White

Traditional White Inserts

The Finsbury collection is a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens as it often harmonises with other polished chrome fittings, such as taps, towel rails or appliances.
We offer a bespoke engraving service on our sockets and switches. Find out more here.

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  1. Polished Chrome Screwless Single Socket
  2. Polished Chrome Screwless Socket
  3. Polished Chrome Single USB Socket
  4. Soho Lighting Polished Chrome 13A 1 Gang DP USB Switched Socket (USB Output 2.1amp) Wht Ins Screwless
  5. Polished chrome 2 gang usb socket white insert
  6. Soho Lighting Polished Chrome 13A 2 Gang DP USB Switched Socket (USB Output 4.8amp) Wht Ins Screwless
  7. Soho Lighting Polished Chrome 5 Amp Unswitched Socket Wht Ins Screwless
  8. Polished Chrome 1 Gang Shaver Socket with white Insert
  9. Polished chrome euro socket
  10. 2 Gang Polished Chrome Euro Socket
  11. Soho Euro Module 13A UK Normal Pin
  12. Soho Lighting Polished Chrome Single Data Plate 1 Module Wht Ins Screwless
  13. Polished chrome metal Single Data Plate 2 Modules with White insert
  14. Polished chrome metal plate Double Data Plate 4 Modules with White insert
  15. White Blank Plate for Module
    White Blank Plate 25*50MM EM-Euro Module
  16. White USB Mounted Socket
    White USB Mounted Socket EM-Euro Module
  17. Soho Euro Module Euro USB Charger 2 Gang
    White USB Charger 2 Gang EM-Euro Module
  18. Soho Euro Module 13A UK Normal Pin
    White 13A UK Normal Pin EM-Euro Module
  19. Soho Euro Module 5A UK Round Pin
    White 5A UK Round Pin EM-Euro Module
  20. Soho Euro Module Brushed 25x50MM
    White Brush M1 25x50MM EM-Euro Module
  21. Soho Euro Module Brushed 50x50MM
    White Brush M2 50x50MM EM-Euro Module
  22. Soho Euro Module Brushed 50x100MM
    White Brush M4 50x100MM EM-Euro Module
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22 Items

Lighting Design Inspiration

Interiors With Curvature

Interiors With Curvature

Forget curb appeal, it's all about the curve appeal inside your interiors this year. Curvature in interiors creates accentuated lines that will soften the space, and make it feel more inviting. Whether it's adding a curved archway to a narrow hallway to lengthen and draw you in, or opting for a curved kitchen island. Those […]
Ambient Lighting For Interior Design

Ambient Lighting For Interior Design

Lighting is one of the key ingredients to interior design, and one that should not be considered as an after thought. Ambient lighting provides the foundations to a room, and it's something that should be designed and planned during the early stages of any renovation. In its purest form, lighting provides our rooms with illumination, […]
Meet Our New Engraving Service

Meet Our New Engraving Service

On average we engage more with switches and sockets than any other design feature within an interior, and a combination of beautiful aesthetics with practical functionality is key. Many display unsightly screws or have plastic rockers. In terms of switches, one often has no idea which switch relates to which light. Let’s put an end […]