Orphington B22 8W Opal A60 Warm White LED Bulb

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Orders Placed by 2pm dispatched same working day

Orders Placed by 2pm dispatched same working day

Full of character, this opal LED GLS bulb comes in the classic standard shape but brings the long-life and low energy benefits of LED technology.

Ideal replacements for the light and lamp fittings, that are designed to feature the LED bulb as part of the overall design of the fitting. This bulb is warm white 3000K and has opal glass, with and end cap size of B22 Bayonet. This creates a warm ambient glow, which is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and also commercial places for example: Restaurants where a relaxing tone is needed.

LED bulbs are 90% more efficient than traditional filament bulbs, which is good for the environment and our pockets. However, to date most LED bulbs have looked unsightly or unattractive and can ruin the look of traditional light fittings and lamps where bulbs are on show. We set out to bring our customers LED bulbs which not only performed well, but looked like traditional light bulbs so that your light fitting can look as they were designed.

With our clever technology, all our bulbs are suitable for either dimmable or non-dimmable applications.
Bulb Size (mm): 60 x 108