japandi decorating
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There is always a fresh focus in the interior world, with many new design trends and decor ideas that emerge each year. Japandi is one of those that has been circulating for the last year, a trend that has got a name for itself on Tiktok, Pinterest and Instagram. Like some of the most loved interior trends, Japandi is the emergence of two trends which form this new, and very lovable trend.

Japandi boasts an aesthetic like no other, with smooth, modern lines, functional design and lots of textures. We explore this gorgeous design trend and the key characteristics to help you nail this look.

What Is Japandi Design?

Japandi design is a fusion of both Japanese and Scandinavian styles. This cool design trend is influenced by the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, a way of life which values slow-living, and simplicity. As well as Hygge, which is an integral part of Scandinavian culture. Hygge embraces comfort, cosiness and wellbeing. As these two ancient styles and concepts meet, the result is an incredibly cosy, warm, sleek and harmonious design style that makes your living space a calm, tranquil and aesthetically beautiful space.

The blend of the two styles work harmoniously together. Japandi blends the smooth, curved lines of Scandinavian design with the sleek and functional aesthetic of Japanese design.

Japandi Design Ideas

Natural, Handcrafted Furniture

Opt for light coloured natural fibres and sustainable furniture where possible. Think rattan, bamboo, cotton and paper - these materials are a core part of Japanese design and can be interwoven into your design in so many ways, from lamp shades to coffee tables.

Japandi decorating
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It's All About The Texture

Where simplicity and neutrality are valued, sumptuous texture is one way to add warmth and depth to your interiors. Japanese interiors are infamous for their beautifully designed fabrics. Invest in gorgeous cushions, throws and rugs to elevate a space. Mix and match too, opt for cosy rugs in the bedroom so the first thing your feet touch in the morning is a delight for the senses. Don't scrimp on bedding, throws and cushions - create that luxurious hotel feeling each and every night.

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Neutral Colours

Both Japanese and Scandinavian design embrace simplicity and neutral colours. Acceptable neutral tones can range from beige and cream through to earthy greens and soft brown tones. Whilst the colours are neutral and simplistic, contrast and depth can be created though textures and natural furniture. Don't be afraid to incorporate other softer Scandi shades such as pink or charcoal for a darker accent colour.

Cosy Nooks

A cosy, tranquil haven is one of the characteristics of Hygge, the Scandinavian practice. That feeling that can only be felt in the right environment. Think cosy, warm textures, a tucked away space, natural furniture, close proximity to a window for those cosy days when the rain hits against the window. Don't overcrowd the space, remember the Japanese philosophy of simplicity to get the Japandi balance just right.

Japandi design
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The Japandi design trend is the perfect mix of two heavily coveted trends that have been loved for many years. This creates a harmonious balance of the two which is perfect for those looking to create an uncomplicated and neutral, yet tranquil interior.