Duck egg blue is an incredibly relaxing and soft colour. This shade contains a large degree of grey which makes it tonally quite light, making it a versatile and workable colour in most rooms.

It is recognised as a classic shade that continues to evolve. A popular colour in kitchens, hallways and bedrooms through way of paint, furniture and decorative accessories.

If you're looking to freshen up your interiors with duck egg blue, we explore the colours that will work together harmoniously with this shade.

What Colours Go With Duck Egg Blue?

Pair With Neutrals

Tonally, duck egg blue is quite light which makes it a perfect pairing with other neutral colours. Whilst 'white' does go with mostly everything, you run the risk of the finished result looking bland. Therefore, it is much better to pair with warm neutrals and off white for a softer, serene approach.

For a Scandic look, opting for stone shades will create warmth and a country slant. Think stone textures, panelling and furnishings for a collaborative look.

what colours go with duck egg blue
Image source: Pinterest

Combine With Pastels

Pastel colours were a very millennial driven colour trend that was seen through interiors, fashion and accessories. Like all good things, trends eventually come to an end and it's one that has ended as quickly as it started. However, if pastels are very much your thing then they are perfect for combining with duck egg blue.

Their soft hues work well together for a pretty room scheme. You might want to have a few feature pieces in duck egg blue whilst bringing in accent colours such as yellow, pink and grey to accentuate the colours scheme. This could be achieved perfectly with throws, cushions, tableware and any other decorative accessories that would fit the space.

what colours go with duck egg blue
Image source: Ideal Home

Mix With Green

A cyan/spring green shade is a wonderful match for duck egg blue. This slightly darker, warmer shade should not put you off when mixing it with duck egg blue. Together they create tranquil harmony, lending themselves perfectly to use in a bedroom or living room.

You might want to introduce a third neutral colour into the mix for use on the walls. The duck egg blue and green could be brought in as very effective accent colours as curtains, throws and bedding.

Contrast With Red

If you're feeling brave bringing red into the mix can help to enhance and accentuate a space. We aren't talking about masses of red furniture or walls, as all this will do is overpower the duck egg blue. Combining gentle accents such as decorative accessories in red can bring a whole new look to duck egg blue.

This combination would work particularly well in a shabby chic kitchen. Consider combining duck egg blue kitchen cabinets, chairs or units with red appliances and other kitchen accessories. 

Natural Elements

Duck egg blue is a popular colour in coastal styled interiors. So, there's no surprise that natural elements work incredibly well with this tone. Utilise all of the natural elements in your home that you can, such as wooden beams and floorboards.

For a helping hand, consider wooden furniture, exposed units and lots of texture to combine with duck egg blue. To create that telltale coastal look, try and combine neutrals into the space too to help tie the room together.

Duck egg blue can be an adaptable colour for both rooms and interior trends, just do plenty of mood boarding and planning beforehand to see how it would work in your space.