Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps to inspire millions of people to become part of the solution to plastic pollution. They provide tips and tricks for anyone looking to reduce plastic waste in their home with achievable targets, and offer advice about bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly alternatives.

In this blog we dive into our own plastic-free pledge here are The Soho Lighting Company, as well as shining a light on some of our favourite brands and businesses doing brilliant things to reduce our collective impact on the planet. Read on to find out how you can banish plastics from your home - not just for July, but for good.

Our Pledge

Sustainability is central to our brand and business at Soho Lighting. As part of our wider strategy, we are working hard to eliminate all plastics from our packaging by the end of 2024. We’re delighted to already be over 75% of the way to achieving this goal, with our sockets and switches now being sent out in 100% plastic-free packaging!

Currently our more fragile pieces are wrapped and shipped in polystyrene for protection, and finding a plastic-free alternative that offers the same level of security is proving quite the challenge. However, we're excited by recent investigations into plant-based packaging options made from mushrooms and coconut husks - so watch this space!

Plastics-Free Paint

Did you know that paint often contains plastic? While plastics make paint more durable and waterproof, it also makes it more brittle and susceptible to flaking. What’s more, these tiny particles find their way into our oceans; one study has even shown that they account for more than half of all micro-plastics in the sea. (For more information on this study, visit Environmental Action)

Image courtesy of Edward Bulmer Paints

As an eco-alternative, we highly recommend Edward Bulmer Paint. Not only is their range of colours rich and diverse, but their responsible approach to interior design has inspired them to ‘lift the lid’ on unsustainable paint and to encourage people to switch from paint made with plastic to a plant-based alternative.

Material Matters

Our wonderfully resourceful suppliers, Fishy Filaments, breathe new life into discarded fishing nets that have been reclaimed from the ocean. Their innovative technology enabled our vision for the Ocean Collection – a growing series of striking 3D-printed lighting designs that we launched in 2022 as part of Selfridges’ ‘Let’s Change’ campaign.

Pictured - Scallop Shell in Soft Sea Green from The Ocean Collection

Inspired by the sea, and actively helping toward the clean-up of our precious oceans by contributing 10% of profits to Surfers Against Sewage, the Ocean Collection exemplifies the perfect partnership to us: combining high end design with progressive manufacturing to create something that is both refined and responsible.

Day to day

It isn’t just interior design that falls victim to the overwhelming prevalence of plastic. Cooking, cleaning, and beauty products are some of the biggest culprits for plastic usage in the home. Did you know that an estimated 200 million plastic toothbrushes end up in UK landfill each year? Or that the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging a year?

Here are our 3 easy tips for cutting out plastics from your daily life:
• Food storage: replace clingfilm with waxed paper and use glass containers instead of plastic Tupperware.
• Dental hygiene: swap out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one to avoid unnecessary and un-recyclable waste.
• Skincare: Try using bars instead of bottles. SBTRCT is a 100% plastic free skincare brand with a range of vegan products and a ‘less is more’ philosophy.

We recently embarked on the exciting journey of applying for B-Corp certification. We’ll keep you updated along the way; in the meantime, follow us on social media for further tips, tricks, and ideas on sustainable design.