USB c sockets

Modern lives tend to be busier than ever before. With more time rushing from place to place and a somewhat undeniable reliance on having technology readily available to us, almost 24/7, something has to give.

As so much of our lives now rely on being so heavily connected, it means that not only do our devices take the daily toll, but we don't have the time to wait around for them to charge up either.

That daily battle of charging your phone no longer has to be a hindrance with the launch of our brand new range of uniquely screwless USB A + C sockets. Combining style and practicality to deliver fast charging to your everyday devices.

usb c sockets

These new sockets combine the best of both worlds. Offering both a standard USB A and a USB C socket, catering for every charging possibility. The USB C port is industry led. It is the most up to date technology on the market, with the ability to dynamically boost power delivery.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of a USB C port is that unlike its standard counterpart who's power delivery is capped at around 3,100milliamp, the USB C will deliver a much higher milliamp. If both ports are used then they will share the power delivery collectively.

Not only can the USB C deliver a much higher output, it can be used with smaller devices such as phones too. With no bulky plugs in sight! That is certainly cause to celebrate! However, to benefit from the power delivery you do need to ensure that your devices are compatible and up to date to take advantage of the functionality.

Main benefits in summary;

  • USB C sockets have the ability to dynamically boost power delivery, faster charging times, less wait time.
  • Caters for every charging possibility with both the standard USB A and USB C port.
  • Can charge small devices including phones.
  • This universal solution removes the need for bulky, unsightly plugs.

The USB C sockets are available in our full range of metal finishes. A reliable, effective and efficient solution for faster charging that is both functional, and aesthetically pleasing.