sockets and switches engraving

On average we engage more with switches and sockets than any other design feature within an interior, and a combination of beautiful aesthetics with practical functionality is key.

Many display unsightly screws or have plastic rockers. In terms of switches, one often has no idea which switch relates to which light. Let’s put an end to compromise.

The Soho Lighting Company brings you exquisitely designed switches and sockets, and as such, we are delighted to offer a brand new personalised engraving service across our full range of switches and sockets that will enable you to customise your selections to your personal requirements and interior. They not only look stunning but are also hugely practical.

engraving sockets and switches

Many of us experience the process of guessing which light switch controls which set of lights, and endure a flashlight show of unwanted illumination as we identify which is the correct switch. Let our personalised engraving service make this a thing of the past.

It is all about quality and choice. Providing that extra layer of customisation to truly reflect your style and personal design needs.

engraving sockets and switches

Our Fusion range of switches and sockets widens this choice and offers you an unprecedented blend of finishes to select from to compliment other hardware finishes within your interior.

Whether you have contemporary interiors, or a period property where the arcihtectural parameters design the decor choice, our wide range of finishes will ensure that you find a perfect finish for your sockets and switches that will meld effortlessly with your interiors, whilst looking incredible too.

If you would like your sockets or switches engraved, using our service, all you need to do is head over to the engraving section of our website and fill in the form and a member of our Sales team will be in contact.

engraving sockets and switches

With this level of customisation, your switches and sockets can truly reflect your style and design flair.