masculine interior design ideas
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Masculine interior design is a bold, yet functional trend which takes inspiration from the lifestyle of a man. Whilst, it's a step away from the stereotypical depiction of a 'man cabe'. Whilst two different men could live very different lifestyles, they all have one compounding drive that the interior is the most important living space in their home. It's one that has to be stylish, yet highly convenient to work harmoniously with their lifestyle.

Don't be fooled by the name though, this moody decorating style is certainly suitable for all genders.

What Is Masculine Interior Design?

Masculine interior design is a functional, no nonsense trend that is about creating a practical living space with natural elements, simple lines and stunning features to emphasise the beauty and elegance of the simplicity.

Masculine style calls for a deep, rich colour scheme. Think royal blue, dark grey hues, forest green and black. This isn't to say that pops of colours can't be brought in through decorative accessories. In fact, bold accents look great in a masculine room due to the contrast for high visual effect.

The great thing about Masculine style is that it is open to interpretation. Whilst the trend emphasises on function, form, colour and convenience, every person has their own taste. This can easily be injected into the design by celebrating unique room colours, shapes and textures.

Masculine Interior Design Ideas

Colour Scheme

This design trend does call for deep, rich, dark hues to create that elegant and sophisticated backdrop. Opting for colours such as cobalt blue, forest green, black and royal blue will help to create that masculine foundation.

Natural elements are a big part of masculine design which is why light and dark browns also work well because of their colour association with wood.

However, the entire room doesn't need to be a dark and moody space for this design trend to work. Incorporating white, orange, pink and other bright colours into the space works incredibly well as accent colours. This can be done through decorative accessories and furnishings. These warm touches also help to soften the look.

Wood & Leather Furniture

Masculine style is all about encapsulating wooden elements. Wooden furniture becomes a real style icon whilst leather furniture would make a great addition. Hand crafted, beautifully made wooden furniture represents strength, robustness, presence and practicality which combines everything that masculine styles tries to impress.

Focusing on a few key wooden features is all you need. Such as an impressive dining table, coffee table and bed frame. Subtle wooden features could also be used through decor, beams and even lighting.

masculine interior design ideas
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It's all about the texture and pattern that's going to really bring this masculine interior to life. Think contrasting textures, stripes and plaid fabrics. Don't focus too much on the symmetry and matching as masculine style is all about incorporating your own taste. Try to bring texture and pattern in through soft furnishings, rugs and curtains.

Focus On Clean Lines

Effortless simplicity is at the heart of this design trend. Clean, simple lines are what brings the finished look together. These tailored lines should be seen on pieces of furniture to create a formal and 'together' space. Incorporating this clean look into a dark, moody interior will help to create the perfect masculine look that isn't deemed a 'man cave'. This design look really is for all genders.

masculine interior design ideas
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Whilst these ideas will help you to create a masculine interior, don't forget to add your own unique touch to really own this design trend in your home.