Christmas fireplace decor ideas

A fireplace provides a beautiful focal point in a room all year round, but it really comes into its own during the festive period.

Every year, fireplace decor ideas are getting more and more elaborate. It's a beautiful way to get creative, embrace the festive spirit and create a really beautiful focal point that can be enjoyed and appraised throughout the holidays.

Feeling inspired, but not sure where to start? These Christmas fireplace decor ideas are a perfect mix of ideas to suit every decor scheme.

Faux Foliage - Luxe Look

Do you shy away from using faux foliage through fear that it may cheapen the overall look. The fabulous Littleedwardian is proof that executed correctly it can deliver a sumptuous, and luxury finish to your fireplace.

You can choose to go for cheap, expensive stems or go for a mixture. Layering is key, and don't be afraid to cut stems down for them to work more effectively on the mantelpiece.

Just like shelf styling, it's best to start with more stems than you need, it will take a bit of trial and error to get the desired look and layering right.


Layering your fireplace with candlelight provides beautifully soft, and subtle layers of light that will create a gorgeously inviting ambience, and pair perfectly with the twinkle of your Christmas tree lights.

Just a few candles is enough for the desired look, add a trio or odd number of candle stick holders, be it black or brass. Staggered candle stick holders work best together as the difference in height creates gorgeous visual interest.

This type of lighting is a welcomed addition if you've got a garland on display, but always ensure you never leave the candles unattended.

Natural Garland

Make like Arthty with this stunning, natural look garland. Using a cedar garland, this gives the look of real foliage, without the hassle of its upkeep.

It has been beautifully draped for that authentic look, with the addition of a bow and bells on the side for a gorgeous finish.

This simplistic garland is perfect for farmhouse, modern rustic and minimalist interiors. Pair with brass candle stick holders for a polished look.

Real Foliage Fireplace Masterpiece

Wow! Se9_edwardian_terrace always nail the fireplace decor each year, and this years is even more extravagant!

Everything in their garland is real, featuring sticks from the woods which provide the structure, and additional foliage which they collate from a wholesalers to keep costs down.

They've perfectly styled it with the upward curve of the mirror too, amazing!

Don't Forget The Fairy Lights & Stockings!

If you're creating a beautiful garland or adding a stand alone piece, intertwine it with battery operated fairy lights for a magical look.

For a traditional feel, don't forget to add the stockings, they're an absolute essential! Add stockings with beautiful textures, and don't be afraid to mix textures and patterns as it increases visual interest.

Floral Garland

Not a fan of too much greenery? This beautiful floral garland incorporates a mix of faux stems, eucalyptus and some gorgeous white roses for a really fresh and whimsical approach on decorating a fireplace at Christmas.

It adds such sophistication to the room and is a perfect choice for neutral home decor schemes.

Whether you want to be ultra decadent, or go for a more pared down look this festive period, there are some truly gorgeous ideas to dress your fireplace this Christmas! Which look is your favourite?