brass interior design

Brass is certainly one of the metals of the moment in the interior design world. It's a timeless metal that adds elegance to a space. However, this finish has been used and appreciated in the home for centuries.

There are many ways that this stunning metal can be woven into your home, through interior hardware such as sockets and switches, door handles and taps.

If you're looking to bring brass into your interior design, we take a look at at the different types of brass finishes for your home.

What Are The Different Types of Brass Finishes?

Brass is not just brass. There are many different types of brass metal finishes and it's important to consider what the right type of finish is for your home. Interior hardware is the jewellery of your home, and one that should be carefully considered as it can affect the entire interior style of your home.

The most popular types of brass finishes you will find are Brushed Brass, Antique Brass, Polished Brass and Satin Brass.

Brushed Brass

We have Pinterest to thank for the re-emergence and popularity of brushed brass. It's those images with the marble, brushed brass and grey backdrops that have everyone at hello! Brushed Brass is perfect for period styled and statement properties due to their warm brass tones. This makes a modern statement that is elegant, and understated.

This finish usually has subtle ageing which lends an instant timelessness and elegant authenticity to any home.

Our Brushed Brass sockets and switches are the ultimate, finishing details for a brass interior. Their uniquely screwless finish achieves that perfectly, flawless look, whilst not detracting from the beauty of the rest of the room. Combine these with other brushed brass interior hardware details such as taps, door handles and cabinetry knobs for a cohesive space.

brass interior design

Antique Brass

Antique brass or aged brass offers an incredibly timeless appearance. The finish looks like it has been stimulated to look aged, and has a rich brown appearance. It still provides a warm tone and naturally conceals fingerprints and small blemishes. It's well suited to period homes and those with homes of distinction.

Our Aged Brass sockets and switches are stylishly screwless, a wonderful way to incorporate this brass finish into your interior. To create a harmonious interior, pair with other antique brass decorative accessories and interior hardware details.

brass interior design

Polished Brass

This finish is usually solid brass which has been polished and finished with a lacquer to prevent tarnishing and patina over time. Polished brass is a very shiny, bright and reflective finish.

It's not the most popular brass finish due to its very shiny appearance, this means that it can pick up marks and fingerprints very easily.

brass finishes

Satin Brass

Another popular finish of brass in the interior world is Satin Brass. This finish can be confused with brushed brass, but their finishes are very different. Satin Brass does not have the distinctive brush marks like brushed brass and has a slight matt appearance to the finish.

This sophisticated finish is a widely used brass finish, favoured for its understated, subtle elegance which isn't as flashy as a finish such as polished brass. This versatile finish can suit most homes, from heritage homes to contemporary spaces.

Create a timeless finish in your interiors with brass, choose the right finish to complement the period of your home and your existing interior fittings.