Aluminium is fast becoming the material of the moment. Enduring and aesthetically pleasing this wonderful material slides easily into a variety of different interior design looks. Used widely by designers for both commercial and household use. Today we’re going to bring back this old favourite. Time to share why it's a must have material in your home.

Aluminium Lighting

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1. What Aluminium has done for us?

The world as we know it today would be very different without aluminum. Aluminium first began to be more widely used in the late 19th century. Applauded for its flexibility as a material, aluminium is light, adaptable and resilient. Soon it began making its way into our homes. Many will recognise it in the form of household favourites such as aluminium foil and other cookware. 

Then in 1903 aluminium was used to build the engine for one of the most pivotal inventions of our time. The first ever-working airplane, designed by aviation pioneers the Wright brothers. Aluminium was critical in this discovery. No other material was light or durable enough for the plane to take fight. 

2. Aluminium; Form and Function

Soon aluminium became a material not just for function but for form and aesthetic as well. In 1944 the design company Emeco created the Emeco 1006 (ten-oh-six) chair. Otherwise know as the Navy chair. The Navy chair was designed for use on the deck of battleships. The chair was required to survive both the corrosive sea air and torpedo blasts to the side of the ship.


The chair, although utilitarian, later gained a lot of interest. This interest came from both high-end restaurants and interior designers. They liked aluminium's durability and the sleekness of the design. Quickly the chair was finding a new home in more relaxed settings. 

Aluminium Decor


Design at this time was also taking a turn. No longer did everyone want traditional and ornamental interiors. People were now looking for design that was more clean cut. Aluminium suited this look paired back look perfectly. Designers started to take advantage of this multitalented material. They could see both its aesthetic beauty and constructing potential. Aluminium was the material without limits. It was a new world of minimal and creative design structured by aluminium.

3. Aluminum in Architecture 

The creative possibilities of Aluminium meant that it was being used much more. This lead to its production increasing. This increase in production lead to it becoming more affordable for domestic use. Aluminium gradually began replacing wood and other materials as the favourite for windows, doors, furniture and finishes.


With no worries of rust or wear there were many advantages to be found in this nifty material. And what was more due to its malleable properties designers found that it could also be used to create shapes that had previously been impossible in existing materials. 

Architect Stinessen Arkitektur even built three impressive cabins clad in aluminum over the Barents Sea in Norway. Aluminum was chosen for the cladding because of its ability to protect the base wooden structure from the corroding salt water. Furthermore it gave the structure a modern, bold and unforgettable design. 


4. How to bring Aluminum into your home? 

4a) Lighting

Link: Warwick Aluminium Industrial Strip Light - The Statement Collection 

So how do we bring this creative material into our homes? Well lighting is a good place to start. Aluminium lights have a feeling of grandeur to them that’s grounded by the materials utilitarian roots. This juxtaposition allows an aluminum light to blend effortlessly into it’s surrounding while still bringing attention to its self.

Perfect for modern homes but also not out of place in traditional settings. Aluminium lights are great all rounder’s. 

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Furthermore aluminium lights are also very hardwearing and durable. So no worries of a light made for aluminium breaking anytime soon. Win win! 

4b) Furniture

Another way to bring aluminum into your home is with furniture. These days you can find chairs, tables and even chest of drawers made of aluminium. So there is no shortage of choice. Just remember to keep it simple and let the material speak for its self. 

Tokyo based architect and designer Toshiki Omatsu recently created a chair made from aluminium and maple. The chair is called “Shades of Michelangelo”. The chair’s minimal design is bold and uncluttered. The aluminium is also moulded to be both visually stunning and comfortable for the sitter. 


The marriage of these materials gives the chair a unique twist. The aluminium sheet also adds structural strength tot he chair that wood alone would lack. Just a few simple touches of aluminium to your home will make all the difference. With this material it's easy to create a layer of sophistication that’s unlike any other.

5) Environmentally friendly?

One last advantage of this material in our environmentally conscious time, aluminum is recyclable. So you can buy aluminium products with a light heart. They aren’t going to clutter up even your larger home otherwise know as planet Earth.

So hopefully you now have a few more design ideas to bring into your living spaces.