Functional lighting is a key element of any lighting plan and arguably as important as decorative lighting for setting the right tone in a room. Carefully planned task lighting can transform a space and inspire creativity and productivity at home.

Different tasks require different types of lighting – be it reading, cooking, or working from home. Read on for our guide to task lighting and how to get it right in your home.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are an accessible task lighting solution that can be positioned close to the task at hand.

The Claridge reading wall light ticks all the boxes, lending gravitas to a home office and grace to a reading nook. Designed for focus, the timeless Claridge is a stylish alternative to the humble table light and an elegant solution to the unsightly cables of a free-standing lamp.


Downlights offer focused illumination from the ceiling. Fixed or tiltable, these lights are particularly effective in kitchens were wall space is limited and overhead lighting is preferred.

Matching this contemporary style of light with a period home is made easy with brass or polished copper finish, blending seamlessly with copper pots and vintage objects, and building on the authenticity of your space.

Pendant Lights

We adore pendant lights here at Soho Lighting, believing there are very few situations where a beautiful pendant isn’t welcome. With the right positioning, it can act as both functional lighting and a stunning decorative shade all in one.

The dashing Oxford Pendant works equally as well suspended as a pair or trio over a kitchen island as it does situated over a cosy sofa as a reading light. Available in a variety of hand-painted hues from burnt orange to olive green, this striking vintage style is a versatile and characterful addition to any interiors scheme.