Everyone is anxious to reduce their carbon footprint and live a cleaner life and so we’ve found some of our favorite, fun and easiest ways to do just that. Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important every year and the pressure to reduce waste and emissions can become stressful in day-to-day life. But being environmentally friendly doesn’t need to be a chore; instead it can become a positive change and opportunity to do a little redecorating about your home. So we’ve found a few simple ways we can all do just that, and what’s even better is they are all low cost and take very little time at all so these eco- friendly additions to your day would be very easy to fit into an already busy schedule.  
  1. House Plants

If everyone added a few more plants about the home it would really do the planet a world of good. Not only do they look wonderful but plants are a natural carbon sink, trapping our old foe carbon dioxide and reducing its impact on our atmosphere. Furthermore plants do all this while producing more much needed oxygen that is so essential to all life on Earth. For an eco-friendly home with air that’s cleaner and fresher than ever, it’s time to get planting!

2. Lights Off

Link: The Savoy Collection Brushed Brass Period 4 Gang 2 Way Toggle Switch We’re all guilty of this from time-to-time – leaving lights on in empty rooms for no-one but the Borrowers to make use of. But a little really does go a long way and making a conscious effort to turn off the lights can befit both the planet and your pocket.  That’s why we want to make switching off lights as enjoyable and remarkable as possible. With our elegant toggle switches we’ve made the task of switching off your lights as painless as it can be.  

3. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Who would of thought cleaning could actually dirty up our planet? Well it turns out all those harsh chemicals we use to keep things clean are in fact making a mess of the world we live in.  And if that’s not enough to convince you to go chemical free chemical cleaning product can cause a lot of health issues too!   Opting for eco-friendly cleaning products will not only dramatically reduce water pollution, ozone depletion and air pollution, but it will also be less harsh on your skin and better for your overall health.  

4. LED Bulbs

Link: Preston E27 4W Giant PS42 Sunset White LED Bulb A wonderfully easy and quick way to make your home instantly more eco-friendly is by switching your blubs for ones that are more energy efficient. Leading the way in this sustainable energy wave is the innovative LED Bulb. LED’s are on average 80% more efficient than traditional bulbs and also have the added benefit of containing no toxic elements such as mercury and other noxious chemicals that will damage the environment when disposed of. Gone are the dark days of energy guzzling filament and fluorescent lights, with our luxury selection of pioneering LED bulbs, we’ve turned this tedious task of finding a environmentally friendly way to brighten up your home into a LED de-LIGHT!  

5. Time for tea with the Eco friendly kettle.

We all knew tea would save the world, but we perhaps didn’t expect it quite like this. Here’s how… Over-filling our kettles is not just costing us millions every year – it’s using precious energy. The Eco Kettle is here to make even our teatime tradition a planet friendly affair by its clever innovation of two separate chambers - one for filling and storing water and one for releasing water to be boiled.  The boil chamber has a handy teacup measurement on the side so you always know how much water to fill it with. This way you never need to boil any excess water to get your daily tea! With all that energy saved, it not only decreases your energy bill but help to decrease harmful greenhouse emissions from the power plants that produce our energy. And since greenhouse gases cause a whole host of problems from increasing sea levels, rising temperatures, air pollution and acid rain, reducing it is crucial to our planet’s survival. And with all those world saving benefits an eco-kettle cuppa tea never tasted better!