Traditional Grid & Switches

Brushed Brass Grid Switches

The brushed brass grid switches of Savoy Collection are popular in period styled and statement properties and the warm brass tones and subtle ageing lend an instant timelessness and elegant authenticity to any project. They also blend seamlessly with brick and natural stone.

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  1. Soho Lighting Brushed Brass 9 Gang Grid Plate  Screwless
  2. Soho-Lighting-Brushed-Brass-20AX-2-Way-SP-Grid-Switch
  3. Soho Lighting Brushed Brass 2 Way And Off Grid Switch Module
  4. Brushed Brass Intermediate Grid Switch
  5. Brushed Brass Retractive Grid Switch
  6. Brushed Brass 2 Way Retractive Switch
  7. Soho-Lighting-Brushed-Brass-2-Way-Off-Retractive-Grid-Switch
  8. Soho Lighting Brushed Brass 1 Gang 2Way Retractive Marked Push Grid Switch Module
  9. Soho-Lighting-Brushed-Brass-20AX-2-Way-SP-Key-Grid-Switch
  10. Soho-Lighting-Brushed-Brass-20AX-2-Way-SP-Grid-Switch-Printed-"EMG-LTG-TEST"
  11. Soho-Lighting-Brushed-Brass-20AX-Double-Pole-Grid-Switch-Printed-"EMG-LTG-TEST"
  12. Soho-Lighting-Brushed-Brass-1-Gang-Double-Pole-Key-Grid-Switch
  13. Soho Lighting Brushed Brass 150W LED (400w Halogen/Incandescent) 2 Way Intelligent Trailing Edge Dimmer - Grid Module
  14. Soho Lighting Brushed Brass 6A Dummy Dimmer Switch - Grid Module
  15. Soho Lighting Brushed Brass 6A Dummy Dimmer Switch - Plate Module
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15 Items