how to choose sockets and switches

Sockets and switches are the jewellery of any interior. The finishing touch that doesn't go unnoticed.

On average we engage more with switches and sockets than any other design feature within an interior, however they often contain unsightly screws, and plastic rockers.

There's no need to compromise on your socket and switches choices as there are a wide range of beautifully designed, screwless finishes to suit any home decor scheme.

Not sure where to start? This is your insiders guide to sockets and switches and how to choose the perfect finishes for your home decor scheme.

How To Choose Sockets & Switches For Your Décor Theme

Before you can start thinking about the best type of sockets and switches for your home, you need to consider and think about what your current interior design scheme is.

Is it minimalist? Modern? Contemporary? Or an amalgamation of your favourite trends?

Once you know what your overall core interior design theme is you're able to successfully choose the right type of sockets and switches, without 'it looks nice' being the only driving force behind the decision.

This part of the selection process is incredibly important as it's what will help you achieve interior design cohesion.

Brushed Brass

The Savoy Collection of brushed brass sockets and switches are well suited to period styled and statement properties as the warm brass tones and subtle ageing lend an instant timelessness and elegant authenticity to any home.

This metal finish is also perfect for modern, or modern farmhouse style properties to add real definition to the space. Adding in a black accent throughout will help to add that grounding modern element to the space.

brushed brass sockets and switches

Aged Brass

The Charterhouse Collection of aged brass sockets and switches adds a classic, timeless look to an interior. The darker shade makes it much more forgiving than more reflective finishes such and polished chrome. The warm tone adds depth and character to space.

Aged brass sockets and switches are mostly suited to traditional, period styled properties.

aged brass toggle light switch

Black Nickel

The Connaught Collection of black nickel sockets and switches provide a distinctive black finish. This provides a perfect complement to modern/contemporary rooms as it adds a defining feature in the space.

Modern decor is defined by strong black accents, and black nickel sockets and switches will help to ground and tie the space together.

Pair with other black nickel interior hardware features to create an effective decor design, and flow in the room.

black nickel toggle light switch


Bronze is a sumptuously rich finish, and darker than the aged brass finish. It is undeniably classic, and it looks resplendent in period style interiors.

The subtle sheen given to the switch authentically replicates years of use. If you want to use Bronze in your interior but your decor style doesn't accommodate it, you might want to consider our Fusion range which incorporates bronze with brushed brass for a timeless finish that could be used in a multitude of different decor schemes.

bronze toggle light switch

Brushed Chrome

Brushed chrome is one of the most versatile finishes, its stylish finish offers a warmer appearance than polished chrome and is much more suited to high traffic households, as it's great for concealing blemishes and fingerprints.

From modern and minimal to traditional decor, brushed chrome is highly versatile and looks great no matter the design theme.

brushed chrome light switch

Matt Black

The commanding appearance and flawless finish of this range strikes a masculine tone. It's a popular choice for eclectic, hip, modern and contemporary stylised homes.

Keep it simple with matt black or incorporate brushed brass or brushed chrome from the Fusion collection to really spark visual interest in your home.

Matt Black with brushed brass toggle light switch

Polished Chrome

This is a highly reflective finish that suits modern styles and also complement period styles such as art deco, arts and crafts and other homes of distinction.

It requires more maintenance than brushed chrome as it shows fingerprints easily. If you have a busy family household, polished chrome is probably not the best option.

polished chrome toggle light switch

White Metal

If you've got a minimal, modern or contemporary styled interior, white metal is a superior choice over white plastic, offering more durability and style to the space.

White metal works seamlessly in white kitchens and rooms with neutral colours and clean lines.

white metal switches

Fusion Collection

Why choose one finish when you can feature two of your favourite metal finishes in your home? Featuring a unique blend of stylish finishes, choose from a range of different collaborative finishes.

Mixing metal finishes in interiors can be done successfully. It creates intrigue and depth to a space, whilst tying other parts of a room together well.

You may choose to mix finishes if some of your interior hardware is one metal finish, and the taps in your kitchen are a different finish, for example.

fusion collection sockets and switches

Screws or Screwless?

Sockets and switches can be an expensive purchase, and you want it to be the right one.

Screwless finishes are an essential finishing touch, a beautiful metal finish that features a pair of unsightly screws just doesn't provide that perfect, finished look.

Screwless sockets and switches are incredibly easy to fit. The front, screwless faceplate simply clips into place once the backplate has been screwed into place. Sexy, streamlined and screwless.

Our extensive range of sockets and switches all benefit from a stunning, screwless finish.

When selecting the perfect sockets and switches for your home, use your core interior decor trend to guide the way, but be mindful about children, and busy households that could help dictate finishes too.

Always opt for a stunning screwless finish that will add timeless charm to a space, unsightly screws really don't age well!