Soho Lighting Flat Plate Black Nickel 3 Gang Dimming Toggle Switch

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Orders Placed by 2pm Dispatched Same Working Day

Orders Placed by 2pm Dispatched Same Working Day

This Flat Plate Black Nickel 3 Gang Dimming Toggle Switch carries a look that provides a perfect complement to modern and contemporary kitchens with black appliances, modern bathrooms or rooms with televisions or other popular electrical equipment.

This switch has a Contemporary Knurled design. Contemporary, retro or uber cool, whatever your décor this funky little dimmer and toggle design will draw attention for all the right reasons! A lined variation on the Vintage Knurled patterning provides both a sensational aesthetic and sensory experience all in one package.

Soho Lighting are proud to introduce to first reliable dimming toggle technology to the UK market. Toggle switch plates are the perfect choice for style conscious home owners. However, until now beautiful looks have come at the cost of performance, as traditional toggle/dolly switches cannot dim lights. Dimming is essential for controlling the lighting function of a room. Dimming control enables you to change the atmosphere, vitality and ambiance of a space at the touch of a switch.

This dimming toggle switch comes with award winning Enkin IDM250 inline control units enabling you to dim up to 250 Watts of LED lighting. They are simple to install and operate through a quick flick for on/off and a more sustained hold for dimming lights up and down. The IDM250 is connected behind the switch, so please check technical product details for back-box depths.

For multi-location dimming, please note that you only require one dimming toggle switch per circuit, for the other switch locations on the circuit, please use two-way standard retractive switches.