Soho Fusion Brushed Chrome & Brushed Brass 2 Gang Switch with 1x Intermediate Switch & 20A 1x 2 Way Switch White Inserts Screwless

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Made to Order: Allow 3 Working Days for Dispatch

Made to Order: Allow 3 Working Days for Dispatch

This eclectic gold and silver mix of cool brushed chrome against elegant brushed brass creates a unique and sophisticated look. Part of the Soho Fusion range of sockets and switches, this 2 Gang Intermediate Switch& 20A 2 Way Switch has a screwless, brushed chrome plate adorned with a brushed brass switch.

This switch combines a 2 way switch, allowing for one or two switches to control a light, and an intermediate switch, allowing for up to three switches to control one light.

For convenience these items are provided separately. This allows the installer to determine the most appropriate sequence for items to be assembled on the plate based on room layout and required operation.