Satin Rose Gold CCT Fire Rated LED Dimmable 10W IP65 Downlight
Satin Rose Gold CCT Fire Rated LED Dimmable 10W IP65 Downlight

Soho Satin Rose Gold LED Downlights, Fire Rated, Fixed, IP65, CCT Switch, High CRI, Dimmable

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Orders Placed by 3pm dispatched same working day

High CRI LED downlights in a beautiful Satin Rose Gold finish. This high CRI fixed Satin Rose Gold LED downlight from our collection of Soho Lighting dimmable fire rated downlights has a front-facing CCT easy switch (Changing Colour Temperature) for easy access which enables you to quickly change between 3000K (warm white), 4000K (daylight white) and 6000K (cool white).

High CRI lighting benefits you with greater clarity, improved colour differentiation and more natural’ lighting. Such lighting enhances the true colour of foods to aid preparation, can help with colour-based tasks such as painting, shows improved definition of images and text. A growing body of research also suggests that high levels of CRI which mimics more natural light can positively affect your mood and improve productivity.

In 2020 it was estimated that over 90% of domestic downlights available on the UK market provided a CRI of less than 82. In 2021 after years of research and development Soho Lighting launched its range of high >95-97 CRI downlights.

This Satin Rose Gold downlight looks stunning situated in industrial, contemporary or traditional interior settings, with its IP65 rating making it suitable for use in both kitchens and bathrooms.

Soho Lighting High CRI Downlights

  • Powerful 10W output, but with dimmable function
  • Front Facing Colour Changing (CCT) Switch providing you with a choice of light tone from Warm White 3000K, Daylight 4000K and Cool White 6000K.
  • Dimmable function giving you full control of light levels and output.
  • Fire Rated to 30, 60 and 90 Minutes: meaning it is suitable for satisfying Building Regulations fire safety requirements in a variety of modern and traditional ceiling structures
  • IP65 Rated: Suitable for Zone 1 and 2 bathroom locations.
  • High Cri >95-97 Natural Light Simulation, giving crisp natural colours, tones and improved clarity.
  • Size: Dia. 83.82, H 82, cut-out 70