Soho Lighting Brushed Chrome 3 Gang Light Switch with 2 Dimmers (2 Way Switch & 2x Trailing Dimmer) Blk Ins Screwless

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Orders Placed by 2pm dispatched same working day

Orders Placed by 2pm dispatched same working day

This Soho Lighting Brushed Chrome Screwless Traditional Plate 3 Gang 1x2 Way Light Switch with 2x Trailing Edge Dimmer has 2x 2 way light switches and a trailing edge dimmer switch on the same plate. This is created using grid switches, so you can easily put the dimmer and rocker on either side.

The intelligent trailing edge dimmer switch uses soft-start technology, making it suitable for dimming dimmable LEDs.

For convenience these items are provided separately. This allows the installer to determine the most appropriate sequence for items to be assembled on the plate based on room layout and required operation.