The Lombard Collection Brushed Chrome 20AX Double Pole Key RM-Grid Switch Module

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Orders placed by 2pm dispatched same working day

This 20A double pole key switch is used to safely isolate a load from both the live and neutral terminals simultaneously. A key switch is often used for activating or isolating a supply in a commercial situation, such as with emergency lighting. As the switch is key operated, it helps to prevent somebody from accidently turning off the supply. This Brushed Chrome RM Module from the Lombard Collection is compatible with both our RM and Dual (RM+CM) Grid Plates. With these you can create a wide range of bespoke plates such as dimmer and rocker switch combinations, to fulfil almost every imaginable lighting or isolation switch need for your home. This RM module is not compatible with CM, EM, LT1, LT2 or LT3 Plates.

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