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How do I change the colour temperature of my fixed downlights?

Our fixed downlights can be changed from 3k and 4k to 6k. To change the colour temperature, remove the bezel, underneath there is a little black switch that you can use to switch between the colour temperature settings.

Are your products compatible with the US wiring?
USA operates at 100-110 volts, the UK operates from 230-250 volts, cable capacity like pendant lights and wall lights are compatible with US wiring. However, you will need to ensure that the bulb you use in the fitting is compatible. Downlights are ...
Can downlights be covered in insulation?

All downlights should have an air void around them when using insulation. The amount of space that should be left around the downlight depends on the type of bulb being used, as different bulbs run at different temperatures. Your electrician will be able to advise you on this.

Are your tiltable downlights on a pivot ball or rotate either way on a bar?

Our downlights do not pivot all the way around, they operate on a bar and tilt left to right, not 360°.

Can the unit or driver of the downlight be covered in insulation?

No, the downlight and driver will need clearing behind it. 10-40mm or more space is needed around the downlight to allow heat to escape.

Can I change the colour temperature of my tiltable downlights?

No, the colour temperature can only be changed on our fixed downlights.

Can you change the bulbs on Soho downlights?
No, they are a fixed unit and come with a fitted bulb. They do come with a 3 year guarantee should the bulb fail during this time.
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