The Charterhouse Collection Antique Brass 20AX Intermediate LT3-Toggle Switch Module

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Orders Placed by 2pm dispatched same working day

Orders Placed by 2pm dispatched same working day

Our attractive intermediate dolly switch (also known as a 3-way switch) is used when more than two light switches are needed to control a light. This module can be bought separately to enable the custom configuration of a switch plate. This Aged Brass LT3 Module from the Charterhouse Collection is compatible with our LT3 Standard dolly/toggle Switch Plates only. This enables you to create a bespoke dolly/toggle switch by combining 2 way, intermediate, DP and retractive toggle switches on standard 1-4 gang plates. This LT3 dolly/toggle module is not compatible with RM, CM, (RM+CM), EM, LT1 or LT2 Plates.