Grove E27 4W Vintage G80 Sunset White High CRI LED Bulb

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Orders Placed by 2pm dispatched same working day

This amber 4W E27 G80 LED bulb provides the traditional look a feel of the Edison decorative filament bulbs with the benefits of long-life, low energy LED technology. Unique looking in shape and colour as well as the T-shape spiral filament, this G80 edison bulb is beautifully eye-catching.

This E27 1800k Sunset white G80 Edison bulb gives off a vintage style orangey light suitable for living rooms, restaurants or other spaces where people relax, and appreciate vintage style.

We are delighted to offer the largest range of 2nd generation LED Edison style bulbs in the UK. Our LED filaments are designed and shaped to look like traditional Edison filament bulbs and beautifully encased on hand finished amber glass. However, being LED our bulbs are 90% more efficient than traditional Edison elements bulbs and provide a much longer lifespan of 25000 hrs +, making these bulbs a both a smart and beautiful investment.

With our clever technology, all our bulbs are suitable for either dimmable or non-dimmable applications.
G80 LED Bulb Size: 80mm x 120mm